Mary Lee Bensman

Mission statement

Choose Life Toymakers is a nonprofit endeavor to give free wooden toys with wheels to kids who need a smile.


The seed for this toy project was planted years ago when a friend of mine told me that her dad, Bill, made toys in Las Vegas. He was a volunteer for a non-profit group that gave toys to kids.

     I thought, “That sounds like a great idea!  I would like to do that sometime.”

Two weeks after I lost my job of 20 years due to the pandemic I remembered this. I already had a woodworking shop, tools, wood and now I had time.


Bill is guiding me through the process of making and distributing free toys with wheels for kids who could use a smile. He helps put the wheels on and do the final oiling with mineral oil. Another friend also volunteers.

When I show people the toys they ask,

“How much are you selling them for?”

I'm not. They are free!